Howdy fella! Welcome to West Town. How ‘bout you come in and sit down? Grab your glass and let’s see if your luck’s any good here. If you craved for the smell of gunpowder, leather and whiskey, the feel of good ol’ Colt in your hand and Ace of Spades up your sleeve – you’ve sure come to the right place!

Thanks to the fine-crafted graphics and unmistakably American banjo music, the West Town slot translates the real feel of a small town in the middle of nowhere in the badlands of Arizona. Anything can happen here, so hold on to your guns and show this town what you are made of!

The reels are carrying just the symbols you would expect to see in every saloon or cantina out there in the Frontier: guns, glasses of whiskey, chest of gold, Sheriff Badge, notorious villains, and “Wanted” notices of course.


Joker is Wild here and may substitute any other symbol on the reels.

The combination the Sheriff Badge, Wanted notice and the Bandit brings you 10 free spins for each Bandit.

A combination of 5 different cards in the central row is called Flush Royal here and multiplies your winnings x15.

The game also has a Provably Fair feature, which means you always can keep an eye on the House.


Game type:video slot
Free Spins:Yes

Sum up

Generous RNG and responsive gameplay are just what a real maverick is looking for.