There is a perception that Chinese invented and enjoyed the first games of chance about 2000 years ago, they used tiles, pebbles, dice, although the game scheme was quite primitive it has stayed intact to date and rules have remained similar as many centuries ago. The same story is about Sic Bo — the first casino game ever invented, meaning in translation “dice pair”. We can’t but mention an interesting historical fact that while playing Sic Bo in those ancient times gamers tossed two quite heavy bricks with numbers on their sides, sounds bizarre, huh? Happily soon, these bulky elements of the game were replaced with three lightweight six-sided dice. What remained unchanged, regardless of time passed, is the main object of the game: the player must wager on the combination of rolled dice-numbers. Sic Bo in the 20th century was successfully brought to North America by Chinese immigrants and deservedly won the place among other favorite table games of the residents.So, we’ve been inspired by eastern wisdom and extreme antiquity of the game of chance and maintaining the Chinese heritage, have created our online version of Sic Bo. It is an unusual, non-standard game, with all numerical combinations, that perfectly develops mind, logic and abstract thinking. The game table might seem complex at first look, but actually, it is simple, the only thing you’ll have to do before playing, is to read attentively the drawn winning combinations and decide on which one to bet.Sic Bo is the game, where you won’t find some special strategy or a way of exact behavior, right steps and so on. The chance and destiny — are the only satellites of the game. Maybe that’s why to these very days in land-based casinos still leave some Chinese superstitions, which allegedly influence the course of the game. So, here are some of them. Before the game a player should have some red element in his outfit as according to belief red color brings good luck. Also the player should avoid number 4 (in Chinese culture this number symbolizes death), there should be no passing churches or monasteries that day, no touching other players during the game and of course you should have some knowledge in feng shui, no way around it!So, we hope you have been inspired a little by east traditions and the game object, that’s why pump over the positive energy and luck, wear something red and make series of excellent bets with our Sic Bo!


Release Date:February 6, 2019
Game type:Craps
Bonus Game:No
Platform Availability:iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows

Sic Bo Betting Combination

TypeWagerOddsHouse Edge
BigThe total score will be from 11 to 17 (inclusive) with the exception of a triple1 to 12.78%
SmallThe total score will be from 4 to 10 (inclusive) with the exception of a triple1 to 12.78%
TripleA specific number will appear on all three dice180 to 116.2%
DoubleA specific number will appear on at least two of the three dice10 to 118.5%
Any TripleAny of the triples will appear30 to 113.9%
Total of 4 and 17 (a specific total score in the range of 4 to 17 inclusive)4 or 1760 to 115.3%
5 or 1630 to 113.9%
6 or 1517 to 116.7%
7 or 1412 to 19.7%
8 or 138 to 112.5%
9 or 126 to 17.4%
10 or 116 to 112.5%
Domino:xyTwo of the dice will show a specific combination of two different numbers for example, a 3 and a 45 to 116.7%
Any Number (Single Dice Bet)The specific number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 will appear on one, two, or all three dice1: 1 to 17.9%
2: 2 to 17.9%
3: 3 to 17.9%

Sum up

Sic Bo still carries some aura of mysticism alongside with old school features and nostalgic feel, staying fun and simple table game at the same time. Take a bite of asian casino cuisine, try your luck with BGaming Sic Bo!