We all love myths and legends, as they evoke the mysterious vibes and genuine interest in every second person. We are here to interpret our own vision of the legend about the Avalon Island and the adventures of Prince Arthur.

Like all mythological paradises, Avalon is the place that has been sought in all corners of the Earth, but the most common perception is that this magical island situated somewhere near the shores of Great Britain. Avalon is a bold symbol in western culture, as it is associated with magic, purity, and abundance. It is a terrestrial utopia, heaven on earth and, on the other hand, a point of reference to noble times when kings and knights were brave, decent and honorable. Avalon is an inherent part of a legend that symbolizes a balanced bridge between reality and an ideal fiction, the imaginary future, and inaccessible past.

So how did our Arthur get in there? It is a sad story with a happy ending: during the Battle of Camlann, Prince Arthur was mortally wounded and the good fairies took him to Avalon on a boat to save his life. Morgana and Mizulina laid him upon a golden bed where he was magically cured and returned to guide his people. Yep, there are lots of descriptions of the battle and the adventures of Arthur before he went to Avalon.

We’ve decided to show you what happened there exactly, in the mysterious nebula of supernatural powers that continue to inspire creative reinvention to date. Welcome to Avalon: The Lost Kingdom video slot!


Wild symbol in the game replaces any symbol in the line and gives a player a higher chance of winning. More than 3 scatters in any part of the display start the free spins round, that can be retriggered. The player chooses the most likeable character to play Wild in bonus round, we called this feature as a Fateful Wild. Free Spins include increasing multiplier (from 2х to 7x) for all wins of the bonus round. Excalibur feature places additional Wilds on the spinning reels in the bonus round, but no one can predict whether it will appear or not. With a wave of the magic Excalibur Additional Wilds fall on the reels and contribute to increasing the player’s winnings.

Sum up

Avalon:The Lost Kingdom is a video slot, which is superbly illustrated and thematically stylized. The game is full of authentic backdrops plus mesmerizing gameplay. This is an interactive entertainment with lots of Free Spins, from 2 to 7 multipliers, a fascinating Excalibur Feature, and the enigmatic Wilds. Get ready to be thrust into a world of adventures right here – in Avalon:The Lost Kingdom video slot.