When ‘Agency fee’ and ‘BBT Incentive’ have settled and paid?

– Live Game (VIVO Baccara/Roulette/Holdem/Blackjack)
Agency Fee: Real-time (Additional 1% right after betting; VIVO Baccrat only)
BBT Incentive: Weekly (Every Monday 00:00 on UTC time)

– RNG Game (BGaming games)
Agency Fee: Weekly (Every Monday 00:00 on UTC time)
BBT Incentive: 7Weekly (Every Monday 00:00 on UTC time)

– Lottery Game (Blockball and Quicklotto)
Agency Fee: Real-time (At the end of each round)
BBT Incentive: Real-time (At the end of each round)

– Misc. Game
Agency Fee: Real-time (Right after betting or At the end of each round)
BBT Incentive: Real-time (At the end of each round)


Get BBT Incentives and Freeze BBT.

BBT owners receive daily BlockBall incentives. BBT must be a freeze on BlockBall for payment. In the case of Un-Freeze, a waiting time of 36 hours occurs and incentive payments are stopped. When displaying BBT numbers, the numbers in parentheses indicate the current freeze quantity.

(Check in “Menu > Account > Dashboard > User > Freeze BBT for BBT Incentive”)

Where can I find information on my participation in the game, BBT incentives, etc.?

On the first screen of the dashboard, you can check all the most important information such as shortcut buttons for major functions such as wallet, incentive setting, and the most important information such as income, incentive, agency commission, sub-user, etc.
(Check in “Menu > Account > Dashboard”)

Supported tokens?

Blockball supports exchange token (USDT, ETH, and TRX)  game token (BGT / TRC20) incentive token (BBT).

Introducing Blockball Platform

Blockball is a decentralized dApp platform with worldwide team members. Our three key points are trust, transparency and wealth distribution.
We aim for a new model where all team members can benefit.


Here >> BlockBall Agency Information 


For developers

Blockball provides a simple way to utilize the block chain by developing tools and API sets that allow developers to interact with each other. The APIs include TRC20 and TRC10 transactions, social systems, blockball account systems, blockball wallets, and mobile APIs. These tool sets make it easy to switch to and serve the block chain with a blockball team supported by complete backend systems and smart contracts.


What kinds of blockball agencies are there?

– Referral : Anyone is eligible to invite a friend after joining Blockball and the Blockball platform revenue is provided according to the game play of a friend.
And the more friends use it, the more it increases.
And this extra income does not affect your friends’ income or play.

– Agency : More fees and benefits will be given to you than the Republic, and you will be eligible after completing the Republic Level Mission.

What is the Blockball agency and how do I participate?

Blockball agencies actively promote Blockball as a partner in Blockball.
Blockball provides a separate reward to the agency.

Start BlockBall’s partnership by using a QR code, referral link and entering a referral name when signing up.(Check in “Menu > Account > Dashboard > User > Personal Info”)


# Blockball Agency Simple Introduction

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TpV_wt5SOiko_jv5iZS0renL40pTkMZA/view >> Click !!


Method of deposit / withdrawal

Blockball deposits and withdraws money through the crypto, which puts trust, convenience, and security first.

# blockchain Token BGT using on BlockBall game. ( BGT : USDT = 1 : 1 )
# deposit : USDT, ETH, TRX -> BGT
# withdrawal : BGT -> USDT

(detail Link : https://www.blockball2.com/archives/1050)

Exchange and External transmission

Blockball can be replaced with BGT for various coins (USDT, ETH, and TRX).
BGT can be transferred from the BLOCKBALL platform to an external (USDT /ERC20) wallet.
USDT is not affected by coin prices and is traded on numerous exchanges around the world.
(✓ BGT exchanges through various payment methods will be installed later.)


What game will be launched on Blockball?

Blockball has completed contracts and arrangements for a variety of additional content, including MMA betting games, sports betting games, and casino games. It is added sequentially according to the schedule.

Can users trust BLOCKBALL Games??

The operating of all games launched in Blockball have been developed with block chain technology that cannot be forged or altered.
The user can confirm this and this technology ensures game transparency.