BBT Swap Channel Policy.

# BBT Swap Channel Policy

This is a policy of the BBT swap channel that expands the usability of BBT holders.

Token holders can exchange for other cryptocurrencies through swaps or hold BBT to obtain incentives as before.
Block Ball is planning an additional swap program, and the exchange policy will be announced at a later date.

– Swap rate and method

1. If you apply for a swap with 50% of the total amount of BBT you currently have, you can swap it into cryptocurrency worth 120% of your total BBT purchase.
(The cryptocurrency to be swapped is USDT. Or cryptocurrency that can be exchanged immediately on a cryptocurrency exchange.)

2. Online submission of swap application
You can apply through the online link in the website notice that will be announced from July 7, 2021.
(BBT purchase date, purchase price, purchase quantity, Blockball ID, proof of purchase required)

# “Proof of purchase” is cryptocurrency transaction information (TXID) or deposit details.
# When submitting an application, it will be swapped through comparison with the platform data.

3. Application and transmission schedule
Applications for the 1st swap are accepted from July 7, 2021. and the 1st deadline is July 22, 2021. (submissions can continue even after the 1st deadline).

# Swap tokens will be sent sequentially after final confirmation when the first closing is completed.

4. BBT Token Burning Policy
After the 1st swap is completed, the 1st BBT Token is burned.
The amount of 1st BBT Token to be burned is 1,000,000,000 BBT.

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