$1,000,000 welcome Event & FREE OF CHARGE bonus

$1,000,000 Event in BlockBall”~!!

Sign up / Refer a friend / Token charge to receive various free bonuses. Join right now.

✓ Event start on January 20, 2021

✓ Get 40 BBT tokens for free when you sign up or refer a friend.
– A total of 80 BBT bonuses for both sign up and referral friend.
– This event runs until $1,000,000 is used up.
(Based on the BBT value of the gx.com exchange)
– With BBT tokens, you can receive daily BlockBall incentive profits.
– BBT token is listed on the cryptocurrency international exchange gx.com
(Go to the exchange. https://www.gx.com/trade/BBT_USDT )

✓ You will receive 10% free game money on the first charge every day and 5% free bonus money on additional recharges.

– Bonus payout rate renewal time is 00:00 (UTC) daily.

(The game money can be used to perform a mission; the mission is marked as ‘EXP’ in the upper right corner of the screen.* Currently, only live games are EXP. Applies.)

GameEXP.(Deposit amount standard)

“Participate in events with unprecedented benefits that give you a 100% bonus of the “QuickLotto 60” participation amount.”

– Quicklotto60” participation guide.