Launch BlockBall Ver.USDT with New BBT Token solution.

# USDT version launch date: 2020.8.18

1_ All member-related information is also available in the USDT version. (Sign up information, log-in information, agency information, etc.)
# 2020.8.16 ~ 2020.8.17: New version reflected work. It is not recommended to use the Tron version during this period.

2_ The new BBT token solution reflects the same information on existing BBT holdings.

3_ The incentive payment function of the new BBT token solution is an important function, and payment will be resumed after suspension during the incentive test verification period.
# Incentive test verification period: 2020.8.16 ~ 2020.8.23

4_ You can enjoy BlockBall by selecting Tron and USDT on from the launch date