BlockBall 2.0 Ver.USDT Guide

BlockBall 2.0 Ver.USDT Guide

1. Additional Launching a new version of BlockBall
For users who are inconvenient in the fluctuation of the value of TRON, the key token of the existing TRON version BlockBall , the new BlockBall USDT version based on the global No.1 fixed value coin USDT is launched.

2. Infinite scalability due to open API
BlockBall’s USDT version is completed with an open API structure that allows global game companies to easily accept and connect new games. In the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020, we will be looking at more various games.

3. BBT token solution, security wallet replacement
As BlockBall develops in various ways, the value of the BBT token that can receive the profit distribution of BlockBall platform also increases.
BlockBall team will replace wallets and BBT token solution to increase the stability of the customer’s BBT wallet.

4. Influencer(网红) BlockBall broadcasting begins
In conjunction with Influencer(网红) agencies such as GISTAR21, BlockBall game is exposed in real time, and at the same time, the ‘Hyper Dragon’ league event is scheduled to be held in October this year. We expect a lot of users to participate through the broadcasts and game leagues of Influencers(网红) from many country.

5. Preparation for launch of M1 GLOBAL mixed martial arts betting service and professional casino games
In the second half of 2020, the world’s largest fighting league M1 GLOBAL betting service and professional casino service will be launched.
This fighting league betting and professional casino service is being negotiated as a joint project with the world’s leading casino companies, and through this project, BlockBall will emerge as a major game and betting platform.

6. BBT Token second listing announcement
After the second listing, the BBT transfer restriction of existing investors will be lifted after 7 days of trading volume stabilization. It is a little later than the plan scheduled for July, but please understand that BBT’s successful preparation for market entry.

Each detailed schedule will be announced later.
Thank you.