About BBT

BLOCKBALL Token (BBT) Introduction

BlockBall introduced betting in mobile games and started M1 Fighting betting by cooperating with global casino groups. BlockBall also serves as a large-scale platform that integrates mobile game betting, classic casino game, and sports betting game. Influencers (Wanghong) are with you as partners to announce BlockBall. Platform’s daily profit distribution is managed transparently based on blockchain. The Pos token BBT holds more explosive vision as only limited amount of token is issued.

BBT Tokenomix

The circulation of a BBT token contributes to the platform growing. BBT tokens are incentives to future activities promoted in the platform and encourage users to understand the latest technology and the platform`s development, so BLOCKBALL expands the service and increases token holder`s using experiences, and as users increase, this is expected that the platform would produce better solution to improve customers` experience, then the BBT tokens` value would be increased.

✓ BBT Token issuing amount is fixed as 2 billion, and burning tokens continues to increase.

# Incentives are settled on a daily or weekly basis depending on the content.

# You must freeze BBT on BlockBall to receive incentives. Among the BBT quantities in the upper right of the BlockBall main screen, the quantity in parentheses () is the quantity of BBT in the freeze state.

– Go to BBT Freeze
Menu> Dashboard> User> Freeze for Incentive

# BBT is listed on the international cryptocurrency exchange GX.com

– Go to BBT Exchange : https://www.gx.com/trade/BBT_USDT